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10 Years of Experience in Signage Manufacturing Standard
China's first single group of Super Signage inventor

Chanlong Manufacturing and Trading Pvt Limited (CMT) is the Multinational Company based from Changsha, China. We are pioneer in the Advertisement Industry to enhance our Customer’s growth in their Business. Our Business have two wings as follows ;

Our company is basically a Research & Development oriented Manufacturing Company with world class amenities.  We are engaged in manufacturing for the advertisement industry which is updated and new to this market. Our Products like Super Signage, Mini signage, metal Signage, Guideline signage’s are high in quality and efficient.

Our policy is to engrave our customer’s requirements into the Top level creativity, design with the best Quality products in competitive Price. We strictly follow the principles of manufacturing ethics. We are facilitated with the high technology Machineries in our Production Unit with artisanal expert team.

Our factory is situated at Poonamalle in Chennai with the widespread of 15,000 Square Feet Area. We have a Studio inside the factory for our product Display.

We know our responsibility of this Industry. We value the Customer’s expectations. We can serve the customers into more digital way. Our motto is to supply the Precise product and no compromise in Quality to our customers. Our customer support team is always active to serve the customers best. We are dedicated to service even after sales and believes in long term relations.

We are manufacturing and supplying the following machines to manufacture super signage:

  1. CNC Router Cutting Machine
  2. Aluminium Bending Machine
  3. Liquid Acrylic Curing Machine
  4. Other Machines ( we can trade if required )

Our Products

Our main products & their details.

Our Machines

  • First quality machine
  • First class customer service
  • First standard technology
  • First training is Free
  • The Super Signage Letters is made by Aluminum borders and liquid acrylic panel, with high quality long lasting LED modules.
  • Super Signage letters have no edges, looks more exquisite.
  • Super Signage with liquid acrylic make the light emitting output efficiency high as 92%. So our product looks pleasant and more brighter compared to traditional signages.
  • Super signage can be made in all colours, with the use of liquid acrylic the colour cannot change in anytime and any atmospheric condition. The front surface finish is precise and smooth, but hard and unbreakable and easy to maintain.
  • In Super signage aluminum bends have only one joint which is seamlessly welded, and then assembled with ACP back panel with the Quality precise measures.
  • In Super signage with the help of Aluminum and ACP the Heat dissipation is so good and faster, which help the extended life of the signage.
  • ACP back panel can be detachable, serviceable, more durable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Mini Signage Letters are made by Arc Engraving Technology
  • Mini Signage Letters can be very small even 4mm and even big in size
  • Heat dissipation light glow is very high compared to conventional signages
  • Unbreakable Quality easy to maintain
  • We are using thick solid Acrylic material with high Quality LED and Stainless steel or aluminium strips in our mini signage.

Stainless Steel Signage

  • Our Stainless Steel Signage is made by state of the art technology
  • Our stainless steel signage is more precise. We have high technology laser cutting machine and CNC and also Super Speed Welder to make Quality product.
  • Varieties of shades and with or without LED we are making our stainless steel signages.
  • Our stainless steel signage can be used both indoor and outdoor puposes.

Extruded Signage

  • Extruded signage is made in stainless steel with high quality LED.
  • In this technology we make Digital Pixel Realisation.
  • Extruded signage will be big in size. Waterproof, and energy saver.
  • Indoor, Outdoor, highway Attraction, Common Areas, Malls etc

Our Technology

  • Signage Solutions

    Chanlong Manufacturing & Trading pvt Ltd is a manufacturing company for complete signage solutions.

  • 15000 Sq.Ft

    Our Factory is situated in poonamalle in `15000 Sqft` area with all equipments for production and assembly.

  • Imported Machines

    We have imported machines to make bending, mettal lazor cutting, mini signage CNC, Lazor welding, glue inject and printing.

Our Technology
  • Experienced Associates

    Chanlong has got an experienced associate to drive the show world class.

  • 5S Principle

    We are following the guidelines of the factories and 5S principles in our Unit.

  • Updated Technology

    Our Assembly line equipment’s are easy to handle and updated technology.

Our Machineries

Our Supply

Our Team

The Master minds behind the firm's success

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Chanlong Manufacturing & Trading Pvt Ltd No 48, Old No. 37, Varadharajapuram, Trunk Road, Poonamalle, Chennai, India - 600 056.

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Tel: 044 2649 05999 Fax: 044 2649 05888

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